Ethics for Artists

This seminar is based on student–generated research and discussion of ethical issues and decisions of artists and designers. Responsibilities and accountability are viewed thru the lenses of interpersonal, social, global and environmental contexts. Research, discussion, written essays and studio projects include topics such as preservation, commodification, intellectual property rights, ethnicity, gender and class discrimination, ownership of indigenous artifacts, art in public spaces, censorship, and funding.

Students investigate issues from multiple perspectives, critically analyzing and experiencing how works and lives are impacted. A key feature of the course is the consideration and personal development of empathy.

“Ethics for Artists” has been part of the MFA curriculum at Yale, Carnegie Mellon and RISD. A version for BFA undergraduates was awarded funding by the prestigious Kyobo Grant, also at RISD.

The seminar can be modified to accommodate particular academic calendars, for example, 3, 4, or 6 weeks winter sessions, summer intensives, etc.  Please contact me for further details.